EJ Gaub


      When I was in bands, I would always get frustrated with the recording process. The whole experience would make me feel as if what I did as a musician wasn't good. It was often demoralizing and I didn't understand the process.


After the last serious band I was in released our second album, I realized I was going through the same frustrations yet again. So I decided to buy a couple of pieces of gear and started trying to  demystify the whole thing.


      That's how I fell in love with the process. I wanted to learn as much as I could about recording, mixing, and 

mastering. I began to see it as its own 

art form. 

My sole purpose then  became making musicians feel absolutely amazing about their music. To make them feel like they're proud of whatever it is they produce. It feels awesome to be a part of that experience.


I want artists to feel 100% thrilled with their music without any confusion, or doubts about the product they've put out. 

I want to exceed their expectations and present to them their music on a sonic stage that's bigger than they ever could have imagined.